Voyager is a 21st Century Tarot deck that's

a Fortune Making tool!

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The power of homeopathic medicine is harnessed to Boost Energy and Mental Alertness Without Calories or Stimulants.  A pure and natural energy source of mental alertness, BeEnergized will help you clear mental fog, stay focused, or just stay awake during meditation without the jittery side effects of stimulants. 

Be a Movie Mogul - Support Distribution of the Coolest Meditation Ever Documentary!

We are proud to announce the 57 minute production THE COOLEST MEDITATION EVER: ANTARCTICA 12.12.12 feature documentary is set to release in limited theaters, on DVD and across the web on 6.16.16.

​YOUR contributions are the mass mogul getting this film out into the world as widely as possible with the needed ad and promotion dollars. 

Ken Sheetz , host and filmmaker of THE COOLEST MEDITATION EVER: ANTARCTICA is joined by a penguin in meditation. Not Photoshopped!

Grab the coolest perks ever from the tops in science art and health.

Sensor V Medallion

"Sound that simultaneously balances the chakras and brainwaves.  This recording features sacred sounds and sonic frequencies that work on both the body and its energy system!"   ---From Jonathan Goldman's website. 

The Coolest

Meditation Ever:

Antarctica 12.12.12

Coming to Film Festivals,

​Digital DOwnload 

And DVD 6.16.16

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World-famed scientist  Dr. Patrick Flanagan  supports our film with his world-famed Sensor V Medallion, felt by many to draw in abundance.

The Pineal Activator Kit and Chakra Brainwave Harmonizer 


- The famed Voyager Tarot deck.
- Book: Voyager Tarot - Way of the Great Oracle. This      book blends shamanism, psychology, art, and mythology  into a modern ritual for self-creation. 

 Jonathan Goldman's   Pineal Activator kit is a very special tuning fork designed to facilitate the activation of the Pineal Gland—which many experts believe is the “seat of the soul.”