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Coolest Ever EMF Protection Is Here!


Available US and Canada. International buyers call 800-285-2344.   Pictured right center is the Portable Tesla Gold. See the full line of EMF protection, ranging from $39-1250 at the Visit Blushield link below. This product ships to U.S. and Canada. All others, please email us at for details on getting your EMF Protection device delivered.

Let’s face it, WiFi and cell phone signals are inescapable in our modern environment. Awake and sleeping, we’re immersed in these invisible waves. Unfortunately much as humanity loves the convenience of wireless electronics, their relentless frequency waves cause disruption to our body’s electromagnetic field at the cellular level. And this continuous cellular stress response has proven to have cumulative negative long term health effects.

And so, CME is thrilled to present the ACTIVE EMF PROTECTION of Blushield Tesla technology! When people start using Blushield devices they report feeling:

  • More relaxed and chill.
  • Better able to focus.
  • Greater mental clarity for meditation, school, work.
  • Able to spend more time in front of a computer.
  • Less tired, zapped eyes.
  • Greater energy
  • Better Quality Sleep

All these cool benefits will help you create the coolest meditation ever while improving your baseline health. As opposed to passive EMF protection, like stickers and orgonite, Blushield utilizes active EMF protection technology by creating powerful coherent scalar waves to mitigate EMF (electromagnetic fields) at a cellular level. Blushield overrides all ambient EMF fields, including wireless radiation, mimicking nature and relaxing our body’s stress response caused by EMF.

Blushield offers this technology to fit every need and budget with portables, plugins and package deals. Watch the video below for a full description and be sure to follow our link to Visit Blushield.


Watch this video to see Blushield’s ACTIVE EMF Protection description of protection through scalar wave technology.  Learn more about the products here. 

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