24 Meditations

Arctic 2024

2024 will see CME/CTE founders Ken and Elizabeth heading as far north as funding and courage can take them to meditate 12 years after the Antarctica mission in the planet’s northernmost polar region.

Once again 24 quantum intentional meditations will be performed and filmed to plant comic seeds to one day end racism and solve climate change, just to name two.

WANT TO JOIN US IN THE ARCTIC for these meditations in person, or maybe to support these planetary meditations for a cooler world? Options are participation, donation or supporting our sponsor CoolestTechEver.com. You can support the mission AND up-level your health with the amazing TESLA-inspired tech Ken and Elizabeth have discovered to enhance their own lives, carefully curated at CoolestTechEver.com.

Ken and Elizabeth on Cathedral Rock Sedona Arizona


Watch 24 Meditations in Antarctica on 12.12.12


In 2012, Ken Sheetz travelled to Antarctica to be there on 12.12.12 and do 24 meditations--one for each time zone on Earth. His beautiful meditations were a call from the waters of Antarctica to our collective consciousness for justice, acceptance, generosity, care and love for others.

In this groundbreaking documentary we learn how building Harpo Studios for Oprah Winfrey led Ken Sheetz on the path to becoming a conscious filmmaker and ultimately to Antarctica. There, amidst the penguins and ET energies, Ken plants 24 seeds for fundamental change into the collective consciousness of our precious blue world.   WATCH NOW