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How does the universe communicate...

From subatomic particles, wavelengths, superstrings, to stars and galaxies and every being?  

And how do individuals communicate back to see their dreams manifest before them?  

The heartening assumption of The Coolest Meditation Ever is every one of us makes waves in the field of consciousness that are felt for eternity and experienced in our lifetimes.  On Earth we are drinking the water and breathing the air here when Earth began.  That framework of quantum connection of all beings empowered one man to plant that quantum nature in film viewers’ minds.


In just over an hour Sheetz makes us quantum participants in 24 motivational shifts in the collective consciousness across the planet. The film’s ET spirit guide, Ohom, tells us, “It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy that the people that do these meditations link their hearts to the work that was done in Antarctica. Weaving this intent across the hearts of mankind powers up planetary healing for us all." 

While all of this is spiritually serious, it’s easy to see in this lighthearted documentary that Sheetz likes to laugh, poking lots of fun at himself and stretching our imaginations of what is real. The penguins are delightful, Antarctica is visually astounding, and its unpredictable primal nature makes this film an exciting journey into remote inner and natural worlds. Take a quantum adventure to Antarctica with fun and loveable filmmaker Ken Sheetz, and be part of positive changes we all want to see in the world. 

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Coolest Meditation Ever: Antarctica 12.12.12

In 2012, Ken Sheetz travelled to Antarctica to be there on 12.12.12 and do 24 meditations--one for each time zone on Earth. His beautiful meditations were a call from the waters of Antarctica to our collective consciousness for justice, acceptance, generosity, care and love for others.

In this groundbreaking documentary we learn how building Harpo Studios for Oprah Winfrey led Ken Sheetz on the path to becoming a conscious filmmaker and ultimately to Antarctica. There, amidst the penguins and ET energies, Ken plants 24 seeds for fundamental change into the collective consciousness of our precious blue world.   WATCH NOW

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Meditations for a Cooler World

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